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Joy Adler

2019 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

Singer Songwriter Healer



About Joy

From the beginning, Joy knew that her life journey was to be a singer—but for her, this means so-much more than merely standing and singing. For Joy, being a singer means to be in song, to become song, to create sound that heals.

As a young woman, Joy dedicated her life to service through private practice, teaching and raising awareness of alternative healing as both a radio and television host of holistic programs. It is now well-known, that music has the power to reach into human spirits when other methods of communication fail. Joy's first experiences of this phenomenon sprang from her desire to comfort her Father as he lay in a coma, dying of bone cancer. As she sang to comfort him, she realized that he was crying: her music had penetrated his coma, going to his very core to minister and comfort him. This experience affected her in a way that propelled her to study the healing power of sound and music from Masters all over the world.

From this revelatory springboard, she integrated her findings with her education to enhance her work as an energy healer and in transpersonal psychology. These meshed to mold one of her integrated specialties, that of singer/songwriter/sound healer. She furthered this effort, developing her own workshop series entitled, The Healing Power of Sound and Music Certification Program, in which she trained others in sounding techniques.

This integration—of Joy's own spirit with the music—long ago christened her as a professional sound healer. Joy is a singer whose gifts and gifts to the world are forged and tempered by the movements and experiences of her life. She is an extraordinarily-talented vocalist who sings from the depths of her being, risking self-revelation to the world, and so create one-of-a-kind concert experiences that both refreshes and expands the soul.

"It is my lifelong dream to create and perform music that touches people's hearts, to help them clear past hurts, blockages or trauma in a graceful, high-vibrational way, or to become open to all they long for; thus fulfilling their master destinies. In my experience, music and sound assist humanity easily in doing this. The strength of all the great artists is that they allow the world to see their unique essence by baring their souls onstage. This is what I seek to do. I know if I sing from my heart and soul, it can move and heal the audience in profound ways." - Joy Adler

Long before her Father's illness, the door to her calling was opened by Joy's first experiences of singing in church as a child. From this strong foundation, she became a self-taught young professional musician with a powerful voice, specializing in bringing her own interpretation to songs traditionally sung by rockers. She perfected her stage performing and enhanced her skills by singing R&B, pop and jazz standards on the stages of Atlantic City. As a result, her voice has been called "soulful"—yet she has an astonishing ability to sing almost any musical genre.

Songwriting also revealed itself as one of her many talents during this period. Joy's own songs are created from a place of unique honesty and frankness. The depth of her writing, in concert with her rich, three-octave voice and expansive delivery rapidly moved Joy into a space of musical connection that transforms and transports audiences.

Certification as a Pastoral Counselor and Hypnotherapist in 1994 meshed seamlessly with her gifts and talents, bringing her vocation fully into the healing professions.

Joy also studied Shamanism for four years under the guidance of a Lakota Chief and Medicine Man in New Mexico; with Jane Wynote, Night Eagle-of the MicMac Nation in Pennsylvania and in New York with Grandmother Twylah of the Seneca Nation. Joy's certifications in other traditions following Shamanism have grounded and blessed her, providing a multi-modality healing background that integrates solidly with her musical gifts.

After graduating from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Joy was presented with a grant from The Rebellious Dreamer Foundation in 1999. (This grant is given to women of exceptional talent and provides them with mentoring and financial support.) She used this award to produce her CD of critically-acclaimed original material, aptly named; Rebellious Dreamer. As Joy continued to hit her stride as a sound healer, audiences were uplifted via her original songs, played by her own group of talented musicians, The Souls of Evolution

Testimony to Joy’s gift of healing with sound comes from the sage voice of Patricia White Buffalo:
“Joy is gifted with the ability to channel blazing light and power through her voice
that touches the root of your soul and calls it forth."

Joy is considered a pioneer as a creator of learning environments that blend energy, psychology and the arts. She is a well-respected, critically acclaimed singer, writer, healer and teacher, with many recordings to her credit. Her vast experience in chanting and sound healing make her a sought-after soundtrack artist for spiritual cinema. An exciting performer and lecturer, Joy has performed on stages all over the world. She has supported, mentored and trained thousands of people through her writings, radio and cable television programs; educational lectures and seminars and spiritual music concerts for a new era of consciousness.

An award-winning singer/songwriter and sound healer, Joy integrates her experience with holistic health into Music for Healing. In 2011 she was honored by a request to sing in ceremony at in their Temples of Humankind to welcome in the New Year. Joy received the extraordinary honor of being asked by the Hindu saint, Sai Maa, to sing at her Darshan events in New York as well.

Her live album, Community Heartshare, was recorded during many events that Joy created featuring spiritual teachers, radio hosts, Native American Shamans and guest musicians who performed with Joy and her group. The double-live album was released in CD release concert on the Spring Equinox, 2015. She mixed the album, from several live events, so that even if you weren’t present, you may experience the healing vibrations from the original experience.

In 2017, Joy joined forces with songwriter, Mark Shepard and musician/producer Joe Mennonna (The Bacon Brothers, Tom Rush) on several of Mark's tracks. She wrote the iconic theme song "Dreamers of our Future" for the Global Foundation of Healing,
The track is featured on Community Heartshare.

In addition to occasionally performing and recording with other artists, Joy leads Master Destiny Tours, to Ireland, England and Scotland to experience ancient sites and

Currently Joy is working with musician and sound engineer, Dan Zavadil to mix the many teachings, guided meditations and live concert footage for her recent concert series Global Community Heartshare, which Joy created to honor and heal the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. She'll add these recordings to her forthcoming book Reclaiming the Self Through One's Creative Process, which will accompany her Energy Diagnostic Workbook.

Joy serves also as Department Head of The Advanced Studies Program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida, and as Dean and Lead Teacher of their New York City school, where she's a member of the Creative Arts Department. She also sings at ceremonies for the students, staff and alumnae/i. She continues on the teaching staff at The Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, New York, where she mentors the teachers of the Wellness and Emotional Growth Program that she created in 2004. She loves helping as their Student, Faculty and Administrative Advisor. Joy also enjoys working one-on-one in her private healing and supervision practice, as well as leading the graduate group facilitations at CNW.

The list of Joy's accolades for achievement and commitment to her vocation include the following:

2019 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Who’s Who in America:

2008 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards:
* Best International Pop CD/Album
* Best International Pop Female Artist

These awards acknowledge Joy's commitment to her vocation and clients, but they tell only half the story: awards such as these acknowledge dedication.They speak of a life well-lived, a life of commitment that goes beyond mere professionalism, but rather from within.

Please look on for more information on Joy's private practice, teaching schedule. Click on to access her music and upcoming sacred sites and musical tour of the Mystical Triangle-Ireland, UK and Scotland.

May Joy’s Song find you and bless you with the gift of healing


Stream all of Joy’s songs here:

Stream many live songs from Joy.


Joy Adler wrote the song "Dreamers of Our Future" specifically for the Foundation for Global Humanity. The song was recently recorded "live" at the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, NY featuring Joy (lead vocals) and her group Souls of Evolution, including our own Mary Page and special musical guest, Patricia WhiteBuffalo on Flute. We have put together this montage of images showing some of the remarkable people that the FGH team has had the privilege to meet from all over the world. A special thank you to Adam DeArmon and the Institute for Cultural Awareness for the use of some of their photos from the Return of the Ancestors and other gatherings. Enjoy!

Recorded live in Albany NY with Joy & the Souls of Evolution for the 'Community Heartshare' album release celebration. Visit to purchase the 'Community Heartshare' album, or discover more of Joy Adler's music! Thank you.

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