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Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner

ASCAP22 Year Songwriter-Country, Gospel, Pop & Bluegrass

Author and Songwriter


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Melanie Ridner

Melanie is a Published Author and Songwriter in many areas. She write in hopes of supporting herself fully one day in all areas of writing Melanie comes to us from Dayton , Ohio. She is a handicapped seven stint heart patient that writes for a living.

She is a diverse writer in all areas.
Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Children’s Books, Songwriting, Newspaper, Colomnist, Ray Bradbury Short Story Winner

Just to name a little about her.

She is also an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Award Winning Songwriter. She has multiple sites running her works and music.
Many you can listen to as well.

Melanie has several books under her belt and selling on the Markets.

Melanie is also proud to be known for her Cousin the late the great “Patsy Cline”.

Her new book under called “The Four Winds” has just released and is also selling on the market which depicts her Native American blood as well.

Writing 22 years. Received G.E.D. 1995. Received Poet Laureate April
3rd, 2003. The International Library of Poetry. Poet/Author/Short Story
Writer/ Songwriter/Poet Laureate/Stage Play writer/Screen Script writer.
Books selling:

Romantic Feelings at

Tears On My Shoulders at

Romantic Feelings one & two at &

New Release, Where Roses Fall at

Sequel to Where Roses Fall, The Dumont’s-The London Series at

Third book called Justin is the sequel to Where Roses Fall, The Dumont’s - The London Series being considered by

Currently working on fourth book in her mini -series (Chloe). Worked with many Stars/Songwriting Career. Which is finished and also her next one “Drewella” which is also finished.

Over Two hundred Songs and 63 books nationwide and internationally.

Several Stars worked with her including Richard Melvin, brown-former band member to David Foster, C.J. Rielly- Nashville, Tennessee and the famous Donna Frost and Roy Stuart has worked with this Artist/Writer.

Melanie has received special recognition for her story Where Roses Fall from the New Century Writers 2002 Ray Bradbury Short Story Contest which has prompted her to write her mini-series.

Just recently Melanie also has been recognized by the ASCAPLUS Awards for her songwriting with special recognition and an annual small money provision paid low payments and quarterly. Member of American Society Of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Now 22 Years in a row ASCAP Award Winning Songwriter.

On Romantic Feelings: "We are pleased to offer Melanie Marie Ridner’s
books through the 1stBooks Library" said 1stbooks President Timothy E.
Jacobs. "It has some fresh, insightful things to say and we believe its well
worth the readers attention.

Born in Dayton Ohio Ridner has won several numerous Awards for her
Poetry and many of her Poems have been turned into Songs. C.J. Rielly of
Starlight Productions and Donna Frost of Paramount Productions in
Nashville, Tennessee have enjoyed working with this Artist.

“She is a talented Lady” she has got a lot going for her." Rielly said "She
just needs a break like everyone else in the industry."

Richard Melvin Brown, David Foster’s former band member describes their
working together on their album (Tears Of Pearls), Melanie Marie Ridner's
work with being an album full of emotions!

Other Information -

Poet/Author/Songwriter/Poet Laureate/Short Story Writer/ASCAP Writer/ASCAP Publisher/Screenwriter/Stage Play Writer/ASCAPLUS Award Recognition/New Century Writers
Ray Bradbury Short Story Award-Writers Guild East- ASCAP Member-Ridner Music Company-Websites: under CyrilLovesongs, under CyrilLovesongs, under CyrilLovesongs,

And last but not least:
Second Cousin to “The Great Patsy Cline”. Which all her works are “Dedicated” to her mother and Cousin & Youngest Daughter.

She is currently working on many Children’s books and so much other work. Since this Melanie has released many other books as well as her children's books and is an avid ongoing Published writer in many areas. Her books and works can be found all over the internet.

Now all books Published in Audio & Wal-Mart .
All Books and songs are in the ASCAP Music Directory. Her most recent release (I’m So Tired) Album and first song on the album released in 2023. Battling 3C Colon & 4C Colon Cancer this artist will never quit writing and working with all the people she works with in music the world round. It is a passion and never ending goal to bring music to the whole world. Its everyday life and the heartstrings of the world to be able to write in an emotional urge to have people (feel) my energies in all my works. Feelings are the roots of good music no matter what genre. I am a stay at home songwriter that has so much going on and immerse myself into writing music & books. I am not like most songwriters these days. I don’t sing but hear the music in my head to the songs. And most do not get to pick their singers like I do to put what I think should be put into my songs. I pick singer, instruments and how it is to be sung. “I’m So Tired “was sent to an awesome gentlemen Gary Carter in Nashville and he did the song for the new album free of charge as a donation to me .He also furnished the singer and hooked me up with The O’Donnell’s out of for the music to the album #1 song. These two men are the cream of Nashville and was an honor to work with. Gary Carter has worked with Kenney Chesney and Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Randy Travis, Connie Smith, Marty Stuart, Darrell Singletary and so many more. A Great Gentleman who took my song for this album and made it great.
My biggest selling song right now is “Lord Watch over Me” It has busted royalties all over the world in many religions. I work with many the world over and anyone can contact me with only asking and I do charge low fees to help everyone out. All keeps me working the year around as I fight this terrible disease. Riches I am not after but Love of all music is my hearts passion in so many ways.

Other videos:


I'm So Tired · Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner
℗ 2023 Melanie Ridner Warner

“Believe” ©2021 Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner/5050songs Inc (ASCAP)

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