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City Lights

Have yourself added to our Midnight Spotlight Directory page for future prospects to find! The artists will stay on our Midnight Spotlight for 3 months. Also included is a 20 day campaign, the campaign entails marketing ads. Ads through SEO will guide people/prospects typing in certain keywords online to be brought directly to the artist/musician. The ad itself is an announcement displaying YOU (the artist) as a new addition to our page. 


Spotify Engagment Targeting 

Social Media Engagement Targeting 

If engagement is above average we will release a press release annoucment through one of our music magazeine partners. 


The goal is to put you infront of listeners who are looking for your style of work. 


COST: The price is 30% of the cost to put this all together, we cover 70% of all inquries. The price is circulated around the money we are spending on advertisement (as well as our own private ads not included in the cost), the 3 month placement, keyword development, our teams rescources etc.


The spotlight will include your name, website, the easiest phone number to reach, streaming platforms, social media, and lastly your most recent work! After the three months are up , you can always renew your slot by re-puchasing your spot if the deal is still in place. This is a limited time deal until December 1st, at that time this product will no longer be availiable until we do another Midnight Spotlight Surge.


After purchase, your spot will be live within 7-14 days! 


Our Commitment to You


At our platform, we are dedicated to advancing your talent and showcasing your work to a broad audience of potential prospects. While we cannot guarantee that these prospects will reach out, as their interest depends on your unique offerings and alignment with their needs, we pledge to provide you with exceptional promotion and exposure.


Please note that once you engage with our platform's services, refunds will not be offered. We are committed to delivering top-tier promotional support and showcasing your talent, allowing you to take the stage and make your mark in the industry.


Your success on our platform will be a result of your talent and appeal to your target audience. We are here to provide you with the exposure and opportunities you deserve, and we look forward to helping you on your journey to success.

Midnight Spotlight Directory Addition

$1,400.00 Regular Price
$980.00Sale Price
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